Watch The Haves And The Have Nots
Season 1 Episode 35

I'm Your Son

Just as Wyatt is about to be rearrested by District Attorney Jennifer Sallison and the police in the Cryer home, a news report comes on the television about the infamous hit-and-run that killed a local girl: A man named Norman Hewens has turned himself in for the crime, seemingly clearing Wyatt's name. Jim has played his ace in the hole, and the DA and the police leave empty-handed, foiled again. Meanwhile, Benny must play mediator between his mother and his sister after Candace reveals the horrible fate that befell her son. Later, Amanda has a session with a psychiatrist and expresses her frustration with her family. Then, Jim gets a visit from Celine's son, Carlos, who levels the would-be governor with a stunning disclosure: Jim is his father.

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