Watch The Haves And The Have Nots
Season 1 Episode 34

Something's Wrong with Amanda

Katheryn panics when she discovers that Amanda has left the estate with a strange man. At campaign headquarters, a suspicious new staffer named Carlos joins the Cryer campaign. Later, Jim tells David that Wyatt will be rearrested at some point and also updates him on Candace. David assures Jim that Veronica is holding on to the car to manipulate Jeffery but won't hand it over to the police. At Jeffery's apartment, he and Melissa have an awkward conversation when he returns home the day after their date. Tensions rise when Candace shows up asking Jeffery to let her hide out at his place until things cool off. At the Cryer mansion, Amanda invites her new boyfriend, Quincy, to dinner for dubious reasons. Then, District Attorney Jennifer Sallison arrives to rearrest Wyatt based on Hanna's testimony, but Jim refuses to surrender his son and warns Jennifer to quit while she's ahead. Then, Tony visits Hanna's house at Benny's request, and Candace drops a bombshell on her mother and brother.

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