Watch The Haves And The Have Nots
Season 1 Episode 33

Again and Again

Tensions flare when Veronica sees Maggie coming out of David's hotel room and Jeffery coming out of Landon's room. Jeffery tells his mother that he had sex with a woman and hated it. What's more, it was his first time. Despite her son's anguish, Veronica commands Jeffery to keep doing it, again and again, until it's natural to him. Meanwhile, Benny arrives home and reconnects with his sister. Plus, Hanna plans a surprise party for her son—and discovers something dubious about Detective Byron Marshall. Elsewhere, Jim plots to clear Wyatt's name by hiring someone to take the fall, and Candace puts her plan for revenge against Jim in motion. Then, Amanda tells Candace that Quincy stopped by the apartment, which sends Candace into a panic. Amanda ignores Candace's warnings that she should stay away from Quincy, and asks the ex-con to help her escape from the Cryer mansion.

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