Watch The Haves And The Have Nots
Season 1 Episode 32

The Sarandon Hotel

Candace is relieved after she gets released from her debacle with the kidnappers, until she returns home to find all of her possessions gone at Jim's bidding. Meanwhile, a slightly drunk Jeffery reluctantly has unprotected sex with his mother's blind date candidate, Melissa. Confused and upset, Jeffery pays a late-night visit to Landon at the Sarandon Hotel. While Benny is getting discharged from Mercy Hospital, Hanna talks with the district attorney and detective working on Benny's case. The detective says he never met Byron Marshall and Hanna starts to believe that her friend may not be who he claims. Amanda continues to show unsettling behavior in her parents' house. Finally, when Veronica goes to the Sarandon Hotel to make amends with David—until she sees him coming out of a hotel room with Maggie.

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