Watch The Haves And The Have Nots
Season 1 Episode 31

The Vulnerable

David is put in a precarious position when Maggie invites him to her room after a few drinks, but he resolves to stay out of his house because Veronica still refuses to divulge the whereabouts of Jeffery's car. Later, Veronica is rattled when Quincy breaks in to her bedroom in the middle of the night. The ex-con also works Amanda in order to gather more information about what Candace has been up to. Meanwhile, Katheryn and Jim are furious when they learn that Tina and Michael saw Wyatt at Lizzie's grave site, and they plan to get their son out of town. Then, Benny flirts with his nurse, Darlene, Michael makes a move of his own on Hanna, and Jeffery and Melissa go out on their first date. Elsewhere, Jim's plan to save Wyatt comes together when he finds ex-con Norman Hewens, aka Bolo, and convinces him to take the fall. Finally, the Malones drive Candace to the middle of nowhere for nefarious reasons.

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