Watch If Loving You Is Wrong
Season 2 Episode 7

The Randal Connection

Marcie and Randal square off about Randal's affair with Alex. Eventually, Randal drops a bombshell by telling Marcie that Alex is pregnant with his baby. Meanwhile at Alex and Brad's house next door, Peter and Paisley notice discord in the home. Lushion confronts Eddie about the stunt he pulled with Randal, and makes plans to get a new partner. His conversation with the captain is postponed, however, when Randal and his attorney come by to file a formal complaint against Edward. They discover that Captain Mackey is already investigating Edward’s suspected corruption as well as his connection to the Escada cartel. At Burger Fast, Faun encourages Joey to go back to school and do something with his life. Quan shows up demanding that Joey return the money that he took along with the money and drugs that Eddie seized.

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