Watch If Loving You Is Wrong
Season 2 Episode 1

The Lady Next Door

In the wake of the domestic dispute between Randal and Marcie, Eddie and Lushion arrive and help mediate the situation. Marcie tells Eddie that Randal is having an affair with the woman next door, and Eddie mistakenly believes that Randal is sleeping with Kelly. Across town, Natalie warns Quan and his boys about harassing Joey. Meanwhile, Edward tells Esperanza that Kelly is sleeping with Randal. Later, while preparing for Brad's surprise party, the ladies approach Kelly about her alleged affair with Randal. Kelly denies the accusation and insists that Alex is the adulterer. At the party, Randal pulls Alex aside and informs her that Marcie knows about their adultery. Before long, Marcie shows up at Brad's party with a special gift: evidence of Alex and Randal's affair.

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